Best Back Massager: Reviews & Buyers Guide 2021

Are you a sufferer from back pain? Well, Best Back Massager you might be frequentyly booking costly massage therapies.

But don’t you think that you should stop bearing this bardain right away?

I know you do, and that’s why you’re here searching for the best back massager within budget.

Before you decide, let tell you some facts-

There are many substantial benefits for necks and backs that are directly associated with back massages. Through back massager, you can get rid of such situations. You will experience increased oxytocin emission along with improved well-being.

There come different heating options, vibration, intensities and therefore, making the choice for best back massager becomes a bit overwhelming.

In fact, it can be tricky to pick something specific that targets a particular pain. For you, we’ve done the mammoth task of sorting out the best picks from the entire market. Take a few minutes, and go throught the whole piece to end up with the best one for you.

Let’s start with a basic comparision of all 10 picks of this best back massager review-


Best Back Massager – Comparison Table

Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager

Zyllion ZMA14 Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

FIVE S FS8812 10-Motor Vibration Massage Seat Cushion with Heat

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Zyllion Shiatsu Back Neck Massager

Product Overview

Bringing all the parks of the massage therapist into your house, this best back massager allows you to get rid of troublesome neck or foot pain with comfort. In fact, this Zyllion massager provides the top quality performance to get you a lifetime solution and sufficient relief with relaxation.

Deep kneading nodes help to reduce muscular tension to a great extent and there comes 4 with this one. The rotating shiatsu nodes also relieve aches and knots. All the nodes have automated to reverse the direction of each individual massaging session.

Being an electric massager, there comes heating function to induce an extra muscle –soothing session. It provides intense massaging to increase the blood circulation. You can easily switch the ON butting to start heating the massage and melt away all your stresses.

Apart from that, it will give you overheat protection along with one 20-minutes shut off feature. It the working temperature exceeds beyond a certain limit, the built-in safety device will launch automatic shut-off for the motor to prevent damage and encourage the user safety.

Along with textured leather, it offers superior comfort and durability against its price. Also, it becomes soft to use for the back and easy to clean in no time. Not to mention, the ultra-slim profile is capable of contour around the lower or upper back with perfection.


  • Ultra-compact and slim construction easily fits the body.
  • Automated directing for the nodes offers better massaging.
  • Superior adjustability and usage along with no-fuss straps.


  • Intense application may reduce the serviceability.
  • The fabric may wear out over poor maintenance.


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Zyllion ZMA14 Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

Product Overview

This is another Zyllion creation that offers superior serviceability to meet your full-body, top quality professional massaging. It comes with several features and improvement which add up relaxation and relief to make your massaging experience simply extraordinary.

Like the previous one, there are 4 massage nodes for the neck. All the nodes of deep-kneading Shiatsu-style have customizable options. Thus, you can make changes for the rotational direction and also, move the nodes up and down to reach the exact massaging spot.

Apart from the neck nodes, there are 4 deep-kneading nodes are available with this best electric back massager. You can choose either upper, lower or full back massage in no time. Moreover, you can easily reach the targeted spot of the back as well thanks to the spotting feature.

Through the overheat protection, you will remain safe even if the working temperatures exceeds the limit. Having a 20-minute shutting-off, the motor can launch automatic shutting to prevent possible damage. With the vibrating massage pulses, your thighs and glutes will also enjoy proper massaging.

Along with sleek profile and adjustable strap, you can attach it to your car seat or office chairs without trouble. Using a remote control will help you to customize and set the desired level of massage to deliver an encouraging relaxation for your neck and back all the time.


  • 4 Shiatsu nodes for back and another 4 for back massaging.
  • Rolling massage provides a full back massage continuously.
  • Heating function improves blood circulation & soothing intensity.


  • Noisy rolling mode for the back massage is quite annoying.
  • The length and angle of the back portion may seem improper.

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FIVE S FS8812 10-Motor Vibration Massage Seat Cushion with Heat

Product Overview

Though this not a Shiatsu massager like the previous two, it is capable of delivering satisfactory massage for the back. This vibrating massager from FIVE S holds pretty good for ease the joint tension and keep the blood circulating smoothly over prolonged seating.

This best percussion massager is a microprocessor controlled massager and it contains 10 motors at a different location of the cushion. All the motors can perform together to induce a perfect massaging service. Not to mention, the vibration will reduce the stress from your neck, back and thigh in no time.

For an effective massaging to get rid of the lower back pain, it comes with heat functionality. The best part is you can independently turn on or off the heating upon necessity. Therefore, you can choose a heated massage or you can have a session without heat as well.

There come 4 built-in massage programs along with 3 different speeds. Needless to say, you can adjust the massage in 4 different ways and change the massaging zones. All the 4 settings have an automatic sequence of functioning. You can set a particular program or you can switch automatic cycling of the 4 programs.

Speaking of the zones, you will get neck/upper back, middle back, lower/lumber back and thighs to massage. Therefore, it is a perfect cushion to relax while working on chairs or driving on car seats for a long time.



  • Microprocessor controlled functionality offers smooth operation.
  • 10 different motors at different places for enhanced massaging.
  • Perfect reduction of working stress from neck to thigh muscles.
  • Independent selection to turn on or off heating and massaging.
  • 4 built-in programs to change zones & set the massaging speeds.


  • Careless heating adjustment may burn the cushion and skin.
  • The electrical connector may seem a bit flimsy for certain users.


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Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Handheld Electric Massager

Product Overview

You can relieve all your everyday aches and back pain with a therapeutic massager. With this unit, you will receive a variable power to induce a deep-tissue percussion. This one from Wahl comes with unique construction and versatile features to address pain relief.

There come 4 different attachments for the head of this innovative massaging tool. Not to mention, each of the attachments offers superior relief for respectively targeted muscles. The variable power also encourages a gentle application to take care of working stress from your muscles with ease and comfort.

Through the flat disc, you will get a larger surface to treat your muscles. In fact, it provides sufficient impact over deeper tissues. With the accupoint head, you can attain a better treatment for deeper tissues. This best back massager is the ideal option to pinpoint a concentrated point.

Meanwhile, the four-finger flexed head soft, filament-like nodes that replicates human massaging for the stressed muscles. The deep muscled head offers a gentle as well as relaxing massage. You can use it for a full-body treatment which requires smooth thumps.

The built-in motor can relentlessly produce 3350 pulses each minute which can offer a rough massage for treatment. You can use this for any specified pressure points thanks to its narrow tip. Along with its ergonomic design having an 8’ power cord, you will face almost no difficulty in using this one.



  • Convenient and ergonomic design to treat specific points.
  • Narrow tips at the top can easily reach targeted points.
  • 4 different heads induce better massaging performance.
  • Capable of delivering intense and rough treatment for muscles.
  • No tripping over 8’ power cord while moving to a new position.


  • Weak construction requires careful application and usage.
  • No heating functionality is available with the massager.


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HoMedics Percussion Action Massager with Heat

Product Overview

You can have the benefits of a top-quality professional massaging service inside your own home along with this best handheld massager. This versatile product from HoMedics delivers an extensive cushioning line that includes both Shiatsu and vibration technology to simplify your current lifestyle.

The massager comes with double pivoting heads along with an ergonomic handle at the bottom. You will receive a perfect drumming motion of inward and outward moving. Through the combination of vibration with Shiatsu, it offers a deep tissue massaging for sore tension spots.

Using this best back massager handheld device, you can reach the targeted area having pain and tension with optimum ease. It soothes the reaching for hard-to-catch spots over the shoulder and back. The handheld construction with an extended handle allows you to treat your muscles by yourself without requiring other hands.

With this percussion massager, you can take care of the stresses resulting from sports injuries and over-exertion. Apart from that, it also comes with a proper foot massaging facility. After a hard workout session at the gym or a long hiking in the hilly regions, you can rely on the cooling feature to ease the pain.

There come dark grey nodes and light grey nodes with the massager. The darker ones provide softer treatment whereas the lighter ones induce firmer treatment. The overall combination is committed to helping you create a relaxed mind and body by de-stressing.



  • Lightweight construction offers enhanced portability.
  • Easier handling and gripping through the rubberized handle.
  • Optional heating facility easily penetrates stressed muscle.
  • 4 different speed options provide wider massaging service.
  • Easy customization to attain the desired treating intensity.


  • The vibration may seem aggressive for specific users.
  • Heating function may not hold good for reducing pain.


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FIVE S Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Heat

Product Overview

This is another top-quality creation from Five S that combines several user-friendly features to deliver an effective treatment for the tired muscles. Therefore, you can rely on this kneading massager to relax after a long working day for all the body down to the feet.

With this Shiatsu kneading device, you will get 8 rollers that come along heated treatment. Not to mention, it is highly suitable for neck, shoulder, thigh, arm, leg and foot muscles. But you must avoid direct contact with the skin, you better wear a shirt or towel over the stressed muscles while applying the massager.

Being customizable, you will enjoy both soft and rough treatment upon necessity. There come 2 available options for adjusting the massage direction. Apart from that, you can have 3 different speeds to reach your muscular tissue to a certain limit with ease. You will get one button to adjust the direction and another one for adjusting the speed.

Moreover, there is an arm loop allowing you to customize the applied pressure over the body. To reduce any overheating situation and motor damage, the machine will launch an automated shut-off after 15 minutes, but the continuous operation for over 45 minutes is prohibited.

Offering a wall and a car adapter with the package, you will enjoy the optimum portability and better position to treat the body. This best electric massager is indeed a perfect mystic device to take care of your neck and back in a convenient way.



  • Unique wearing design offers comfortable body fitting.
  • Convenient heating which is easy to turn on and off.
  • Smooth controlling facility for different speeds & directions.
  • Customizable body pressure through included arm loops.
  • 10’ long car and wall adapters induce better portability.


  • Interior loose connectivity may induce safety risk.
  • The heat may not seem comfortable all the time.


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Kahuna Massage Chair Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Recliner LM6800 with yoga & heating therapy

Product Overview

With this unit, you will certainly receive a unique structural design and an innovative way to experience a comfortable massaging service. Needless to say, this chair from Kahuna comes with an ergonomic design to fit well and nice anywhere inside the house without requiring much space.

It offers a perfect 3 stage zero gravity positioning that spreads the body weight across the entire chair. Through the position, your muscles can relieve the stresses easily allowing a deep and intense massaging session.

Having the space-saving technique, you will need only 3” from your wall to attain the zero gravity transition. The chair can slide forward while it is reclined and therefore, no need to have spaces at the back. In addition, you can make perfect alignment with home furniture.

Built-in body scanning technology, you will get a custom body fitting massage. The included processor quickly scans the body size and weight to launch the certain program. With minimum air cells covering the surface area, this best back massager encourages a quiet and quality performance.

The L-tracking frame induces a roller trial designation containing 4 rollers to support your neck to lower back. The position helps to decompress every single spine of the body and enhances the effect of the massage.



  • Double foot rolling facility for a convenient feet massage.
  • L-tracking 4 roller system induces better performance.
  • 5 manual techniques along with 6 automated programs.
  • Superior heating therapy reduces stress for lower body.
  • Adjustable speed for the rollers at 3 different levels.


  • Maximum 15-minute session is quite short for users.
  • The non-linear screw holes cause installation problem.


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Body Back Buddy Original Trigger Point Therapy Self Massage Tool

Product Overview

Along with this handheld massager, you will enjoy a stronger cylinder based massager. However, this S-shaped tool from Body Back is the result of years of innovative improvement regarding lightweight construction, versatile features, and simple operation.

Its ergonomic design is capable of aiding almost anyone who is either suffering from severe chronic pain or simply looking for stress relief over prolonged working hours. Weighing about 1.25 pounds only, it suits young to old and comes with superior portability.

Boasting 11 therapy knobs over the entire frame, you will get better and easier accessibility for the entire body. In fact, the placed knobs are in perfect position to induce a satisfactory pain management delivering myofascial release with deeper tissue massage.

Using knob 1 & 11, you can virtually massage any spots on the necks and shoulders. For reflexology, you need to use 2 & 10, whereas 8 & 9 suits for neck bases. The remaining ones serve the common purposes of knobs to reach muscle at a convenient angle.

Through I-beam shape with a rectangular cross-section, this best handheld back massager introduces flattened side reducing possible slipping and swiveling. Thus, it becomes easy to manipulate that easily accommodates the requirement of self-treatment.



  • Unique handheld design for comfortable accommodation.
  • Stronger construction offers incredibly high serviceability.
  • 11 therapy knobs to locate and therefore, release spasms.
  • Better control over the performance with S-shaped design.
  • Lightweight with compact construction enhances portability.


  • Proper positioning of the knobs may seem difficult.
  • Not very suitable for intense therapy or chiropractic.


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NURSAL TENS Unit Rechargeable FDA Cleared Electronic Pain Relief Massager

Product Overview

Endorphins are released to relieve pains through electrical simulation which can be attained by TENS machine that overrides the slow paining impulse. Nursal introduces a non-invasive safe machine that is highly effective for several chronic conditions.

This unit comes with multi-programmed tools along with 20 different levels of adjustment for strengthening the treatment. You can easily raise or low the simulation to attain the desired relaxation and tension release.

With a convenient and sleek design, it offers a pocket size that induces superior portability. It is suitable for back pain, inflamed joints/discs, arthritic and shoulder muscle tension and you can carry and use it anywhere you want.

Through an 8-pad design, it comes with dual output. This is why you can apply the pads for 2 targeted spots at the same time. The self-adhesive pads require no gel or cream to stick with the skin. Being reusable and replaceable, these pads can withstand for a long time.

Apart from all these, there are adjustable settings with LCD animation display, you can customize the mode, duration, and intensity. You will get a complete package that features rich in performance for this best lower back massager.



  • Slim design with lightweight provides portability.
  • 10 different levels for adjusting the stimulation strength.
  • Automatic shutting off after 20-minutes application.
  • Built-in battery of lithium can support for 10 hours.
  • Animated LCD display with easy customization.


  • 4 leads may not be sufficient for specific users.
  • Attaining longer sessions in a row is not possible.


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Body Back Company’s Vibe Dual Speed Electric Professional Massager

Product Overview

With a powerful electric massager like this unit, you will get a smooth, effective and simulating vibration for the tired muscle. This creation Body Back is indeed a perfect tool to target and offer stress relief for a muscle group.

Using this one is able to deliver the proper amount of power for professional as well as indoor applications. The built-in oscillating motor induces a powerful encounter for the stressed muscles without any sort of bulky treatment.

The dual speed device comes with two available customizations to set up the intensity. Not to mention, you can either switch to the Low setting with 3800 rpm or the High setting with 4500 rpm to experience the desired massage.

Having a special designation, it uses both vibrating and oscillating movement to alleviate the stress. You can gently press to any trigger point to interrupt the muscular spasm. Therefore, you can easily get rid of muscle tension and pain in a single session.

This model is capable of delivering a consistent power for the treatment which can be plugged into any standardized outlet. Having this best back massager will give you an improved blood circulation, digestion, and balance.



  • Double speed settings of Low & High offer better service.
  • Comfortable and easy gripping for the leathered handle.
  • Smooth urethane pad prevents possible ripping or tearing.
  • Consistent power supply through an oscillating motor.
  • Ideal device for both indoor and commercial application.


  • Rubberized grip may start falling off over intense usage.
  • Hard massaging surface may not provide comfort.

Buying Guide

Choosing the best back massager according to your necessity is quite important as an improper one may add up your trouble instead of relieving it. Like all the products, there are some specific factors concerning the quality and back massager is no different. Therefore, you need to know the important factors for the massagers regarding quality and performance.

  • Application: If you want to relax and reduce the muscular tension, typical massagers will hold enough. For strengthening exercise or physical therapy, you have to choose something specially built for that purpose. Therefore, you have to decide for what purpose you want to have to a massager.
  • Type: The type of the chosen massager is also important regarding proper serviceability. There are kneading, heating and vibrating massagers with non-electric ones as well. For a better and convenient purchase, it is better to consult someone who knows about massager and their operations.
  • Operation: Smooth operation is the first thing you need to make it work. Some offer to knead with heating, some offer only vibrating and some offer all the three. Apart from that, knobbed ones haven’t any of these three. So, how you would like to have the massaging needs to be confirmed while buying one.
  • Body Coverage: If massaging is required for the whole body, you need to choose something elegant. Many people require a massager for neck and back pains and they don’t need a complicated one. Therefore, the chosen tool must cover the parts you want to massage.
  • Safety: Safety is a big concern when it is about choosing a heating massager. Cheap ones can burn the skin and can catch fire due to poor connectivity. For electrical ones, you need to ensure automatic shut-off along with overheat protection.


Different Types of Massages

  • Swedish Massage: It is a combination of kneading and flowing strokes. This is suitable for beginners or persons having extreme muscular tension.
  • Hot Stone Massage: This one is perfect for muscular tension and pain and for those who want a soothing relaxation.
  • Deep Tissue Massage: It provides greater pressure over the muscles. This is quite useful for several chronic problems.
  • Trigger Point Massage: This massage is best suited for injuries or chronic pain at specific tissues to lessen the tightness.
  • Reflexology: It is used for relaxing and restoring the natural energy of the body. You will get gentle pressure for the body.
  • Shiatsu Massage: This is a Japanese style that reduces stress and tension. It can work over the entire body.


Benefits of Back Massaging

  • Relieves Pain from Lower Back: A good and regular back massage helps to reduce the tension for the lower back muscles over prolonged working.
  • Relieves Upper Back Tension: Immobility can cause pain in shoulders and necks which can be alleviated through upper back massage.
  • Releases Relaxing Hormones: Proper back massage stimulates the emission of several hormones that prevent depression and anxiety.
  • Improves Sleeping: Relaxation of the muscles triggers a healthy and sound sleeping for the body that induces better labor and maternity.
  • Assists the Healing: Regular massaging can help weak, tight or atrophied tissues to gain certain motion which reduces these abnormal conditions.
  • Increases Blood Flow: Massaging induces better blood circulation for the body that triggers smooth supplement of oxygen with food nutrients.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Is it possible to massage without the heat?

Answer: You can easily turn on and off the heating function for most of the massagers.

Question: Are the electrical ones suitable for office environment?

Answer: the electrical ones produce more or less some noise and you need to avoid the louder ones.

Question: Can I put the massager flat on the floor?

Answer: It is not recommended at all.

Question: Is there any program for performing full body massage at once?

Answer: There is no particular program to do such a thing in a row.

Question: What is the massage head made of?

Answer: Depending on models, the heads can be of hard plastic or rubber.

Question: What length of power cord is suitable for portability?

Answer: About 10’ long power cord holds pretty good.

Question: Do the massaging chair come with stretching feature?

Answer: Yes, it should come with yoga stretching for the full body.

Question: What should be the height & weight limit to use a kneading pillow?

Answer: Kneading pillow is suitable for 5’-5” to 6’-2” persons not weighing more than 300 pounds.


Final Thoughts

We tried the best to enlist the ones that come with sufficient features to meet your requirements at a reasonable price. All the aforementioned 10 are the best in their respective applications. In fact, each best back massager from our list is recommended by professional therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and even doctors. We can assure that whichever you choose to take care of back pain, you will receive the best serviceability all along.

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